Birth of our seed snacks

The seed snacks started life out of a desire to avoid the ‘black gap in the teeth’ look caused by eating lots of little seeds.

Seeds and nuts had always been a part of Pep & Lekker’s soup set-up, in the early days, toasting a variety of different seeds and nuts and popping them on top of our soups.

Now we were on a mission to take our love of seeds further and find a way of combining them into a savoury granola that would bypass the afore-mentioned ‘chia seed in the gum’ issue.

Always watchful of our ingredients, we wanted the healthy, natural oils and fats of the seeds and nuts to be the only fats present in our new snack. Experimentation began to find a way to bind them without adding any more.

With no bulky grain to give the granola a cluster, we ended up with a dough that we rolled flat, and thus the first prototype of our seed snack was born.