How I devised our 3 delicious flavours

When our soups officially went into production, it was very clear that tortilla pressing the accompanying seed snacks, was not going to be an option, so we took them out of the side pot of seeds and nuts.   

Susan and I hadn’t given up on these crunchy pressed snacks though, and I set about taking the original recipe and turning it into different flavours. Keeping with our USP’s I bought every seed I could think of. I also decided to further enhance their wonderfulness by adding super powders and different peppercorns. I spent some time tasting everything and writing flavour notes. This was followed by experimentation in my kitchen with different combinations of seeds to produce various themes. 

My original names for these themes were Sweet, Punchy and Fresh. The Sweet was not produced by sugar but by the aromatic sweetness of fennel seeds, to which I added the malty taste of Maca powder.

Another flavour, the Fresh, came from the grassy taste of wheatgrass powder. It took me a while to get the right partner with this particular flavour, until I eventually realised that it was not a seed that was needed, but a herb. Rosemary was the perfect fit!

Finally, for the Punchy flavour, I wanted a stronger taste hit. Cumin was exactly right for this. I also added the earthiness of Nigella seeds, that small black wonder often referred to as onion seed, to enhance the deeper flavour. 

These three names however were not quite right so we played around for a long time to find the right titles. Every flavour of snack contained such a great range of seeds, super powders and peppercorns that it was hard to choose what part of the combination we wanted to highlight. In the end we went back to where it had all started, those little seeds, and named our three flavours, Cumin & Nigella Seed, Fennel & Sunflower Seed and Rosemary & Pumpkin Seed.

With these three flavour combinations they have been sent out into the world and we hope our customers love them as much as we do. I’m very grateful that after all that hard work, all I have to do now to indulge in one of our delicious, crispy snacks is open one of our little pouches!

By Juliette