All natural gluten free vegan foods

seed snacks

Seed Snacks are a celebration of moreish, nutritiously empowered seeds that have been made into 5 health-savvy, plant-based snacks that positively bristle with full-bodied flavours and healthy convictions.

Every Seed Snack is free from any: added sugar, gluten, refined grains or any unwelcome synthetic nasties.

Ingredients do not include any of the 14 known allergens. Seed snacks are approved by the vegan society. Available on Ocado and in Planet Organic, and As Nature Intended.



We’re proud to be an all-natural food company that you can trust. All of our food is vegan and naturally free from gluten. We never add sugar or sugar substitutes, and leave out any additives or preservatives. We use simple, wholesome ingredients with a focus on nutritional value and great taste.