I have really overdone it over the Easter break. My jeans feel tight, and I'm feeling sluggish and back to experiencing those sugar highs and lows. Sugar is so addictive and I have decided to wean myself off it, starting with a 3 day cleanse. This time, Martin my husband, has decided to give it a go as he is also feeling the after-effects of a little over indulgence. 

Day One
Martin has gone into work today and so I have prepared him a flask of the broth and put the soup and the rest of the nutty seed bites in a thermal bag as he will not have access to a fridge until lunchtime. He was not at all happy about giving up his banana and Weetabix for breakfast but actually left well satisfied having had a cup of broth and a portion of nutty seed bites instead.  

I am just enjoying my broth now as am off to hit some tennis balls for an hour and will enjoy my nutty seed bites after I've played. 

Martin and I have just had our Gorgeous Green soup for dinner and the dog shared some nutty seed bites! Martin was not at all hungry today and did not even drink his mid-morning and afternoon broth. I must say that I did enjoy my broth as have been suffering from headaches which I always get from release of toxins. 

Day Two
I am still slightly struggling with the headache but Martin is fine. He has a breakfast meeting this morning so has had to adapt the cleanse a bit and hope that there will be some avocado and salad on the menu for him. 

As my headache abates I can really feel my energy levels rising and am enjoying the broth and soups a great deal. I can feel that my sugar rush is already beginning to subside. 

Martin has just called he has had a disaster. The breakfast meeting was not breakfast at all and the small pot of broth he took to work spilled (as his flask had no lid). I have suggested that he have an extra pot of soup before going to the gym this evening. 

Martin back from the gym and is feeling a bit tired and lethargic. He has not had any broth today or topped up with the extra soup and salad as I advised. 

Day Three
I am feeling great. Had loads of energy in my spinning class and can really see a difference in my weight and general well being and have started to get back on track away from sugar. 

Martin, not surprisingly, has given up, but has agreed to give it another go next week, and promises this time to stick to the regime and drink the broth. The broth being an essential part of the plan!!