Having had the most stressful week you can imagine making soup for the BBC Good Food Show and feeling both tired and stressed from all the pressures of starting my own business i have decided that I will try the soup cleanse and see if that can help. Although I never blog I thought that i would share my experiences with you.

Although dieting is not my motivation for doing this I decided to weigh myself this morning to see the impact of the cleanse on my weight. I'm not a person that usually weighs themselves, I am more 'are my jeans tighter than usual sort of person', so I had to move about 3 feet of old magazines to find my old rusty scales lurking underneath. It then took me about 10 minutes to turn the old rusty dial so that they were accurate and then I had the indignity of having to find my glasses to read my weight. I am sure that didn't happen the last time I used them! Anyway eventually some success and I weighed in at 9 st which is very much my usual weight. 

I was a bit nervous about doing the cleanse as i like to start my day with a nice cup of tea and it has become rather a routine for my hubbie to bring me tea in bed however this morning would be different as I would start my day with a med broth. I have just drunk a mugful piping hot and I must say it does surprisingly provide a refreshful alternative to tea. I have only drunk one mug so there is some left over which I will finish off after I've walked the dog. 

Back from walking the dog and indeed the remaining cup of broth was perfect. 

Found myself peckish at about 11.30am and as I am off to the gym at 2pm decided to have gorgeous green soup. I added some hot water to make it go further and had a lovely large bowl which even though I was hungry struggled to finish. 

Drinking plenty of water as I've got my usual headache that I get when I do not have my coffee and diet coke fix (good reasons to give them up I know) but am not feeling particularly hungry and it will be interesting to see how my gym session goes. 

Gym session was great and I feel so much better now as I have been unable to do any exercise all week other than standing for 15 hours in kitchens or stick blending with a heavy blender which I suppose is exercise of sorts. Came home and had another broth and feeling good. 

Got an out of the blue call that a friend from Turkey was in town so had to drop everything to go and see him. Now what do I do I can meet him but can't eat or drink, a dliemma. Oh well I would just have to drink water. As it so happens all my friends had been at the pub for 2 hours so I wasn't offered even water anyway so that dilemma was resolved pretty sharpish!!

When I came home was feeling peckish as I had walked a mile and a half from the station so was pleased my outrageous orange soup was waiting for me. Despite it being almost 8 hours since my last soup I struggled to drink the bowl as it was so filling. Drank the bowl in 2 sessions over the evening which was just perfect!

Slept well and nice to have an extra hours sleep as the clocks have gone back. Enjoyed my 2 mugs of broth I decided to have the savoury clusters this  morning as I am off to play tennis. Will report back later.

My husband noticed that my breath was a bit garlicy, which must be the med broth. Perhaps best to clean your teeth after having the broth if you are not used to eating garlic!

Tennis was great and I enjoyed the gorgeous green soup when I got home. Very filling and just the ticket. 

Drank plenty of water and peppermint tea during the day and water. My headaches are beginning to subside which is making me feel much better.  

Surprisingly did not feel hungry at all and noticed that it was 8.00pm and hadn't eaten. I finished the day with a delicious bowl of outrageous orange soup. 

I am feeling quite proud of myself that I am on the 3rd day of my cleanse and my body seems to be settling into a nice routine with it. Slept well, headaches are gone which is a relief as the caffeine withdrawal must be working its way out of my system, and am ready for my morning broth. I've got a busy day today so it will be interesting to see if I get hungry and my energy levels. Will report back later. 
Unbelievable had more energy than ever. I think that's because I don't usually have 18g protein for lunch it really made a difference. 
Was going fall steam ahead all day, played 2 hours of tennis and went to spinning, and then cooking until 11 pm. Even found the energy to write emails until 1.00 am. This is weird. 

On my feet all day preparing soup for the BBC Food Show at Olympia. I am definitely beginning to feel the benefits of the cleanse. Bags more energy and just feel more youthful all together. I feel proud of myself that Juliette and I have produced a product that can have such a positive effect. 

I am really proud of myself I have managed to cleanse for 5 days and feel so much better for it. Another busy day today so thought I would squeeze in a morning spin. Felt great at spin even though I had only had a broth this morning but am devastated as my glasses have gone missing. I hope someone picked them up by accident as hard to think anyone would pinch my specs. 
I went out this evening for surprise drinks and was very surprised that my size 8 tight jeans that are normally snug fitted easily over tights with room to spare. Looking forward to weigh myself tomorrow. 

OMG I have weighed myself and am 8 and a half stone. It appears that I have lost half a stone in 5 days without even feeling hungry which seems almost unbelievable. I have not been this weight since my wedding day . Yippee - now I have the challenge to keep it off!!!I

susan Gafsen