Susan and Juliette are sisters-in-law and best of friends. 

Before moving into the health food business, they had both enjoyed successful careers while bringing up their families. Fundamentally, Susan’s background was in business and law and Juliette’s in psychotherapy and, notably, creative cooking.

Two years ago, seeking a new challenge, the idea of a Soup Cleanse and Detox company emerged quite by chance. Juliette was trying a popular fruit juice detox but found it left her feeling drained and far from re-invigorated – it was very expensive too. Fascinated and inspired, Susan used an MBA project to investigate and evaluate the detox market. 

Exploring the idea with the help of nutritionists, Susan and Juliette soon discovered that juice detoxes, currently the market leaders, are rather ineffective in supporting natural detoxification due to their lack of protein and essential fats.            

Postulating that soup might provide a more satisfying, low sugar, alternative, their next finding was that none of the leading ‘healthy soup’ brands were suitable. In fact, as most contain additives of one sort or another, they were not really pure … or all that healthy.  

So, why were there no truly healthy, genuinely tasty soups available for the growing detox, cleansing and ‘fasting diet’ market?

Susan and Juliette recognised a gap in the market and a business idea. And so, together, they worked for over a year with award winning chefs and nutritionists to create what was to become a range of soups – soups that really were both delicious and healthy.

The new brand would focus on organic plant protein promoting healthy living.

And so, Pep & Lekker Soups was born.  Although originally the 'Pep’ stood for energy and the ‘Lekker’, from the Dutch for great taste; as many people pointed out, imagining Susan as the energy (the Pep) and Juliette as the taste (the Lekker), made a lot of sense too!

And so now, two years on, Pep & Lekker – Susan & Juliette – are here to save the world… with soup. 

Offering tasty, healthy soups – for cleanses, detoxes, diets or simply just for delicious, healthy living.