Seed Snacks

Our new tasty Seed Snacks are solving a tricky problem - how to snack in a healthy way and reduce reliance on sugar. With at least 5 varieties of nutritious and delicious seeds packed into every pouch, and over 14 ingredients, they’re guaranteed to satisfy even the most hungry and health-conscious of snackers.

Packed with fibre, protein and the whizz-bang super food, Seed Snacks provide health conscious snackers with an ambitious range of magnificently moreish treats. They keep unavoidable hunger pangs at bay, whilst allowing ardent snack enthusiasts to actively reduce their reliance on sugar to recalibrate their blood/sugar balance, manage their weight and support altogether healthier lifestyles.

Each Seed Snack is diligently baked not fried using apple puree and chicory root fibre, (Nature’s binding agents) to minimise the need for any unsavoury and high calorie oils.  We always look to nature when it comes to unearthing sublime, nutritiously well-rounded ingredients, which means you’ll never be scratching your head when reading our back-of-pack nutritional credentials.

With five distinct flavours, Rosemary & Hemp Seed, Cumin & Linseed, Fennel & Chia Seed, Apple & Cinnamon and Cacao & Coconut.

Adhering to our environmentally-friendly ethos, our Seed Snacks come in fully compostable pouches.

Available on Ocado and in Planet Organic and As Nature Intended stores.

Fennel & Chia Seed

Cacao & Coconut

Apple & Cinnamon


Rosemary & Hemp Seed

Cumin & Linseed