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Pep & Lekker's new super tasty organic savoury seed snacks are set a solution to a tricky problem. How to snack in a healthy way and reduce reliance on sugar?

With at least 5 nutritious and delicious seeds packed into every pouch Pep and Lekker’s new seed assortments are guaranteed to satisfy even the most hungry and health conscious of snackers.

An excellent choice for anyone wishing to maintain blood sugar balance, manage weight or just keen to try a healthier option, these certified organic, vegan and gluten free snacks come with no hidden extras, no oils or sugar, apart from that found naturally occurring in the unique apple that binds together all the seeds.

With three distinct flavours, rosemary, cumin & fennel, they’re perfect as a stand alone snack grabbed to eat on the go or as an accompaniment with soups, salads and dips.

Adhering to Pep & Lekker’s environmentally friendly ethos, these new products come in 30g fully recyclable and compostable pouches.

“Savoury, gluten free, vegan little squares of nourishment in a convenient, crispy and flavoursome snack- my description of Pep & Lekker’s Organic Seed Snacks. As a Nutrition practitioner, it can be very challenging to find tasty, high quality snacks that are nutrient dense and low in sugar – Pep & Lekker have delivered exactly that!” Ann Garry, Zest4Life Director and Registered Nutritional Therapist