The Wedding Cleanse Secret Every Bride Should Know

If you want to feel beautiful, healthy and happy – outside and in – a Pep & Lekker soup cleanse or detox is the answer. Perfect for brides to be, for bridesmaids, mothers of the bride... bridegrooms and best men too.

Our delicious soups are packed with ingredients known to support natural detoxification, which is important for feeling and looking fabulous.

"Natural detoxification requires an array of nutrients and as such is best supported by a colourful and nutrient-dense diet. The Pep & Lekker range is wholesome, natural and colourful, and offers a variety of nutrients understood to support the body’s natural detoxification processes.” Stephanie Ridley BSc (Hons) DipNT BANT CNHC, Co-Founder & Registered Nutritional Therapist at Fig & Bloom.

 If you have time you can also try our 5:2 diet plan to maintain any weight loss and get you into good eating habits right up to your wedding day. 

Ruth and her maid of honour recently did a cleanse read Ruth's blog where she shares her own experiences :

You can detox or cleanse with your friends too – we offer special deals for Wedding groups. It’s great to do your detox with others as you can monitor your progress and share experiences. Simply send an email to us and we can work out a bespoke plan for you and your wedding party!

It’s your special day, so look and feel amazing, with Pep & Lekker. 

With our best wishes

Susan & Juliette