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The Soup Cleanse & Detox Company.

Made with love, Pep & Lekker's scrumptious home-made, all natural soups are ridiculously healthy. Perfect for cleanses, detoxes, or just about anyone that wants to eat healthily and cut back on sugar. All of our soups are made from organic vegetables, packed with nourishing vegetable protein. They're creamy with blended nuts and are gluten and dairy free too. 

They're honestly the healthiest and tastiest soups you will find. No flours, potato, starch, yeasts or sugars and our stock is made from fresh vegetables and fresh herbs – just like you'd make at home... if you had the time! 

Suitable for vegans – with the portion of nutty seed bites that comes with every pack, our soups are a balanced, nutritious and satisfying meal in themselves.

But no matter what we say, you’ll only realise just how special Pep & Lekker soups are when you taste them.

So, go on, make your order today... and if you don’t agree they're the most healthy and delicious soups ever, we will give you your money back! 


Susan & Juliette

Some of our reviews, don't take our word for it hear what others have to say:

"I literally don't know where to start! The cleanse was amazing. I researched juicing souping all sorts. Pep & Lekker kept coming out tops for ingredients, simplicity and price. Day one and two were tough, I had headaches and tiredness, day 3 I woke, virtually pain free and had loads of energy, a sign that the cleanse was going to work. I followed the instructions to the absolute letter. Never straying once, by the end of day three I was well and truly in the swing, I was never hungry, I had at least 2l of water and 2/3 cups of organic herb tea.  I was genuinely sad on my last cleanse day, I seriously could have carried on for days more! The soups were delicious, nutritious and the broth and snacks were comforting and nourishing. I am so glad I chose your cleanse". Nikki 28/05/17 

"I gave the Pep and Lekker 3 day cleanse a go last week and I have to say I found it super easy and perfectly timed. I am always on the lookout for easy, quick, nutritious food to clean up my diet further and these soups tick all the boxes for me." - Lucy 05/02/17 

Lovely blog from MummyBarrow:

"I love these soups. They're just so delicious. And don't get me started on the nutty things – I would eat the whole damn lot if I could. I am having to exercise real restraint" 14/03/17  

"Picked up 2 portions of these delicious soups this weekend and it was a perfect lunch today to warm me up" 10/01/17

"The Gleaming Gold soup is genuinely one of the best food products I've purchased." 9/01/17

"Golden is delicious! First one I have had since you delivered and is the best soup I've ever tasted." - 22/11/16