Welcome to Pep & Lekker

The all natural food company that you can trust. All our food is organic and vegan and naturally free from gluten. We never add any sugar or sugar substitute or any additive or preservative. We use simple wholesome ingredients with a focus on their nutritional value and taste.  Watch our video to learn more. 

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Fresh organic vegan soups 

A range of fresh organic vegan soups creamy from cashews and sold with seed & nut sprinkles. Packed with simple wholesome ingredients that makes the soup a meal in itself.

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Savoury organic seed snacks 

A range of crunchy organic seed snacks with at least 5 seeds bound with apple, no added sugar or oil,  and each flavour containing a functional super powder. Great on their own or with a dip, salad or soup. 

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Soup without onion or garlic

A fresh organic vegan soup creamy from walnuts and without garlic or onion or any ingredient listed as high FODmap by Monash University.