The art of making the seed snacks in their early days

Our first batch of seeds snacks was made as a big sheet that we were going to break up. 

You don’t often associate having sore hands with cooking, but that’s what came with the strain and friction from rolling this particular dough into a thin enough strip. 

Honestly, we would also have been better off trying to smash the resulting seed snack batch with a hammer than trying to snap pieces off. So I went off and bought myself a tortilla press to use in our newly formed production line. We worked out the size of the dough ball needed to produce the perfect size cracker, then one of us measured and rolled little balls of dough and the other squidged them through our little press. 

I became the jealous guard dog over them, as they took so much effort to produce. However, both Susan and I were increasingly dipping into the delicious finished batches for a little munch.

I therefore, spent many hours doing mental calculations of how many we needed versus how many we had made, so that our appetites for these tasty snacks would not diminish our stock!  

Never let it be said though that we haven’t suffered for our art, as chief squidger, I actually ended up with my wrist in a brace, after suffering from seed-snack related repetitive strain injury!

by Juliette 

susan Gafsen